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Meet Mckenzie Westmoreland

Who is Mckenzie?


I was born and raised in Lakeland Fl and moved to Vienna WV. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a cosmetologist as my mom is one herself. I grew up going to the salon with her after school and on the weekends, where I had acted like I was a hairdresser myself. Going to the salon with my mom was and will always be a core memory I keep forever. As time went on I was able to learn more by working as a receptionist in high school. During my sophomore year I decided I wanted to go to college, so when I graduated high school I gave college a try. I did a semester and majored In elementary education and quickly realized college wasn’t for me.

Fast forward 8 months later my family and I moved to Vienna West Virginia and I knew I wanted to find a cosmetology school in the area. I ended up finding a job in Marietta Ohio where a friend/coworker told me about the school she goes to called “Preston’s Beauty Academy”. I went in to shadow and loved every second of it and decided to enroll. My original plan was to do everything hair, skin and nails because I thought thats what every stylist did. Once my instructor Tyler Preston taught me how to do a men’s cut I was sold. I soon realized I had a passion for cutting men’s hair and while at Preston’s, Tyler helped to continue my education for men’s cutting. When I was able to I started interning at Mr. Goldenscissors where I was able to watch and observe from everyone in the shop. I’m so excited to help educate my clients on their hair specifically and to provide a great cut as well! 

- Mckenzie Westmoreland

Marietta, Ohio Men’s Hair Stylist

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