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Meet Owen Hartshorn

Who is Owen?


I grew up in Woodsfield Ohio where I attended Monroe Central High School. Even as a young kid, I was always very particular about my haircut. It was extremely hard to find someone in my surrounding area that could offer a good service. Cutting hair was looked at by many in my area as “making hair shorter.“ This was until I met Kole Hogue. He was also a graduate from Preston’s Beauty Academy during the same time as Tyler. After my first cut by Kole and watching his precision and passion for cutting I was immediately intrigued by the idea of pursuing this career. 

I began to practice my craft on most of my teammates that I played football with in high school and college. Soon my passion began to grow for cutting and I decided after a year of classes at Muskingum University it was time to take that next step. Kole referred me to Preston’s Beauty Academy, where I then met Tyler. My time at Preston’s being instructed by Tyler helped me really appreciate and respect his attention to detail. 

I’ve been blessed with the ability and eye that is required for cutting. What makes this profession so awesome is that everyday you are faced with a new challenge, and you also get to meet so many people. My personal favorite thing about cutting is the “hat check.” When someone comes in with a hat on and by the time they walk out the door, they are carrying the hat in their hands.

- Owen Hartshorn

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